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What's New?

January 4, 2003- *Got some photos of the new costumes! Hoping my models will cooperate with me soon, so I can get better photos. *Now working on some new costumes to offer!

January 3, 2003- *HAPPY NEW YEAR!! *Finished 4 new costumes, waiting on photos to be posted!

November 30, 2002- *Sold the used peasant dress. *Working on a Medieval Kirtle #2. Should be up soon! *Still working on several new projects for Yule.

November 21, 2002- *Added new views of our Medieval Kirtle.

November 3, 2002- *Working on six new projects which we hope to have completed by Thanksgiving!

September 27, 2002- *Our seamstress had her second baby girl last week! She will be returning to work in another week. *Added a new gown to our Ladies' Page, it's lovely check it out!

September 10, 2002- *Busy filling orders and working offline. Please email us if there is anything we can do to help you!

August 28, 2002- *Added some more photos to gallery page. *Added new items to Men's wear page. *Added new item to Women's page.

August 27, 2002- *Added new photos to gallery page. *Added new cloak to Cloaks/Robes page.

August 22, 2002- *Added cart buttons to "new" dresses on New/Used page.

August 21, 2002- *Added email address to most pages, don't know why we didn't do that before ;-P *Added cart buttons to our New/Used page and two other items. *Removed the costume board link since no one was leaving comments. *Also removed purple balls, didn't like them after all. *Added two more used dresses to our New/Used page.

August 17, 2002- *Moved running commentary to What's New page. *Put in three photos on Men's page. *Put in new photos on Cloaks and Accessories pages.

August 16, 2002- *Costume Board seems to be working, so the link to that is back! Added some gear such as a Guestbook, Add Links, and Pass it on! Please leave us some feedback! Also added three Girl's dresses to our children's page!

August 12, 2002- *Added another photo to our Used page and took out the links to PayPal. *Removed our guestbook and costume board links until they get fixed.

August 11, 2002- *Got three new photos up on our Ladies' Gowns page, please have a look! More photos coming this week!

August 10, 2002- *Getting new photos taken this weekend and they should be viewable on Monday! *Still working on Guestbook and Costume Board, seems to be a code error or something. *If you find something else that isn't working, please email us and let us know at: Thank you in advance!

August 7, 2002- *Just added some purple balls to our sidebar, hopefully that will make it easier to read the links. *We need to adjust the resolution on our photos and possibly re-take them, they take too long to load. *Still having trouble with our guestbook and the costume board, hoping to figure out what's wrong with those soon.

August 5, 2002- *Decided to put running commentary from us on the site. Questions? Email us